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World Water Park €  ‘¥..Edmonton, Albert, Canada€  ‘¥’¥’¥’¥..SIZE€  ‘¥.5 Acres


South China Mall, Dongguan, China€  ‘¥’¥’¥892,000 meter-square

Shops on 6 floors


J.F.K International Airport , New York €  ‘¥’¥’¥’¥’¥’¥..USA


Sydney harbor bridge, Australia€  ‘¥’¥..16 lanes of car traffic€
‘¥..8 lanes in the upper floor, 8 in the lower floor


Donghai Bridge , China €  ‘¥’¥’¥’¥’¥’¥’¥’¥32.5 kilo meters


MS Freedom of the Seas€  ‘¥’¥4300 passenger Capacity Inside





MARACANA STADIUM€  ‘¥’¥’¥’¥ RIO D.J€  ‘¥’¥’¥’¥BRAZIL€
‘¥’¥’¥’¥’¥CAPACITY€  ‘¥199, 000


Interstate 10 Highways Interchange€  ‘¥’¥Houston, Texas . __._,_.___

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 Murid : Selamat pagi, cikgu.

Cikgu : (Menengking) Mengapa selamat
pagi sahaja? Petang dan malam awak
doakan saya tak selamat?

Murid : Selamat pagi, petang dan malam

Cikgu : Panjang sangat! Tak pernah
dibuat oleh orang! Kata selamat
sejahtera! Senang dan penuh
bermakna.Lagipun ucapan ini meliputi
semua masa
dan keadaan.

Murid : Selamat sejahtera cikgu!

Cikgu : Sama-sama, duduk! Dengar sini
baik- baik. Hari ini cikgu nak uji
kamu semua tentang perkataan berlawan.
Bila cikgu sebutkan perkataannya,
kamu semua mesti menjawab dengan
cepat, lawan bagi perkataan-perkataan

Murid : Faham, cikgu!

Cikgu : Saya tak mahu ada apa-apa
gangguan dan selepas ini saya
Akan uji kamu semua simpulan bahasa!!!

Murid : (senyap)

Cikgu : Pandai!

Murid : Bodoh!

Cikgu : Tinggi!

Murid : Rendah!

Cikgu : Jauh!

Murid : Dekat!

Cikgu : Keadilan!

Murid : UMNO!

Cikgu : Salah!

Murid : Betul!

Cikgu : Bodoh!

Murid : Pandai!

Cikgu : Bukan!

Murid : Ya!

Cikgu : Oh Tuhan!

Murid : Oh Hamba!

Cikgu : Dengar ini!

Murid : Dengar itu!

Cikgu : Diam!

Murid : Bising!

Cikgu : Itu bukan pertanyaan, bodoh!

Murid : Ini ialah jawapan, pandai!

Cikgu : Mati aku!

Murid : Hidup kami!

Cikgu : Rotan baru tau!

Murid : Ratan lama tak tau!

Cikgu : Malas aku ajar kamu!

Murid : Rajin kami belajar saya!

Cikgu : Kamu bodoh!

Murid : Kami pandai!

Cikgu : Cukup!! Cukup! !

Murid : Tak cukup!!Tak cukup! !

Cikgu : Sudah! Sudah!

Murid : Belum! Belum!

Cikgu : Kurang ajar!

Murid : Cukup ajar!

Cikgu : Sudah, bodoh!

Murid : Belum, pandai!

Cikgu : Berdiri!

Murid : Duduk!

Cikgu : Saya kata UMNO salah!

Murid : Kami dengar KeADILan betul!

Cikgu : Bangang kamu ni!

Murid : Cerdik kami tu!

Cikgu : Rosak!

Murid : Baik!

Cikgu : Kamu semua ditahan tengah hari

Murid : Dilepaskan tengah malam itu!

Cikgu : Gila lah kamu semua

Murid : Siuman lo saya tu???????????

Cikgu : Senyap lah !!

Murid : Bising lo??

Cikgu : Jangan bising, bodoh, bodoh,

Murid : Boleh senyap, pandai, pandai,

Cikgu : Sudah, sekarang saya akan uji
simpulan bahasa!!

Murid : Belum, selepas kamu belum uji

Cikgu : Ringan tulang!!

Murid : Berat gnalut??

Cikgu : Salah!!!

Murid : Betul???

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Malaysian Catholic weekly told to drop use of ‘Allah’ in order to
renew publishing permit

KUALA LUMPUR (AP): A Catholic weekly newspaper in Malaysia has been told to drop the use of the word “Allah” in its Malay language section if it wants to renew its publishing permit, a senior government official said Friday.

The Herald, the organ of Malaysia’s Catholic Church, has translated the word God as “Allah” but it is erroneous because Allah refers to the Muslim God, said Che Din Yusoff, a senior official at the Internal Security Ministry’s publications control unit.

“Christians cannot use the word Allah. It is only applicable to
Muslims. Allah is only for the Muslim god. This is a design to confuse the Muslim people,” Che Din told The Associated Press.

The weekly should instead, use the word “Tuhan” which is the general term for God, he said.

Religious issues are extremely sensitive in Malaysia, where about 60 percent of the 27 million people are Malay Muslims. Ethnic Chinese, who follow Christianity and Buddhism, account for 25 percent of the population. Indians, who are mostly Hindus with a sprinkling of Christians and Muslims, are around 10 percent.

The minorities have often complained that they don’t have full freedom of religion even though the constitution guarantees everybody the right to worship. The minorities cite the difficulty in obtaining permission to build their places of worship, and the Hindus have been particularly angered by the demolition of temples by government authorities in recent months.

The Herald, which has a circulation of 12,000 copies for its members, publishes reports in four languages – English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

The Rev. Lawrence Andrew, editor of the Herald, said the weekly’s use of the word Allah was not intended to offend Muslims.

“We follow the Bible. The Malay-language Bible uses Allah for God and Tuhan for Lord. In our prayers and in church during Malay mass, we use the word Allah,” he told the AP.

“This is not something new. The word Allah has been used in Malaysia for a long time. There is no confusion,” he said.

The 13-year-old weekly is still in talks with the authorities to renew its permit, which expires Dec. 31, he said, adding that they would appeal if the government refuses to budge on the issue.

Publishers in Malaysia are required to obtain annual permits from authorities under a printing law that has long been criticized by rights groups as infringing press freedoms.

There are more than 800,000 Catholics in Malaysia, Andrew said.

Che Din said Christians don’t use the word Allah when they worship in English, so they shouldn’t use it in the Malay language too.

There are four Malay words that must not be used by other religions, he said: Allah for God, “solat” for prayers, “kaabah” for the place of Muslim worship in Mecca and “baitula” the house of Allah.

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HOHOHO……Merry Christmas……this sentence has cause a wave in Australia as their accent sound offensive……

The other story……Santa Claus are everywhere entertaining little children……look at some video below 

Track Santa as he makes his deliveries all over the world! Google Maps will refresh Santa’s position every 5 minutes. Click on the map below to view an interactive Google Map.

Click here to view the videos of Santa we’ve captured on our Santa Cam so far!

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SAO PAULO, Brazil – Armed with nothing more than a crow bar and a car jack, it took thieves just three minutes to steal paintings by Pablo Picasso and Candido Portinari, worth millions of dollars, from Brazil’s premier modern art museum.  Authorities said they hit the Sao Paulo Museum of Art just before dawn Thursday — a time when the city’s busiest avenue is deserted and the guards inside were going through their shift change. Jumping over a glass partition, they climbed an open concrete staircase leading up into the entrance of the two-story modernist building, which hovers over a large plaza on stilts of steel. For a short time, they could have been seen from blocks away. But the thieves worked quickly. A few jabs of the crowbar, and they were able to slip a common car jack under the metal security gate. A few more cranks and they squeezed inside. Hazy images from a security camera shows three men going in at 5:09 a.m. They smashed through two glass doors, ran to the museum’s top floor and grabbed the two framed paintings from different rooms, somehow avoiding nearby guards. The alarm never rang, and by 5:12 a.m., they were making their escape. “It was a professional job; it was something they studied because the paintings were in different rooms,” said the lead police investigator, Marcos Gomes de Moura. Picasso painted “Portrait of Suzanne Bloch,” in 1904 during his Blue Period. It is among the most valuable pieces in the collection, museum spokesman Eduardo Cosomano said. They also took “O Lavrador de Cafe” by Portinari, a major Brazilian artist. “The prices paid for such works would be incalculable, enough to give you vertigo,” said curator Miriam Alzuri of the Bellas Artes Museum of Bilbao, Spain. Jones Bergamin, a Sao Paulo gallery director, estimated the Picasso at about $50 million and the Portinari $5-$6 million. “I talked to friends at Christie’s and Sotheby’s and made the estimate based on the last Picasso that sold, “Garcon Avec Pipe,” which is from the same blue period,” Bergamin said. But Bergamin disagrees with the police theory that the thieves are professionals, since they ran past many other valuable paintings, including a very important Renoir, a Raphael, and paintings by Rembrandt and Degas. “I think they took the Picasso because it was so small and the Portinari because it was hanging by the door,” he said. The Picasso measures 26 by 21 inches and the Portinari 40 by 32 inches, the museum said. Police believe there a fourth person may have acted as a lookout because they found headphones near the museum’s entrance. Thieves attempted a robbery at the same museum in late October but were foiled by the alarm system. This time, the alarm failed. Moura said he believes Thursday’s robbery was carried out by the same gang. Police were interviewing 30 museum employees, but none of the guards had fewer than 10 years on the job, Moura said. They also alerted Interpol and airport police to try to stop the paintings from leaving Brazil. And while Moura doubts the paintings are being held for ransom, police are ruling nothing out. “Everything indicates they were sent to do it by some wealthy art lover for his own collection — someone who, although wealthy, was not rich enough to buy the paintings,” Moura said. “O Lavrador de Cafe,” which depicts a coffee picker, was painted in 1939 and is one of the most renowned works by one of Brazil’s most famous painters. Portinari (1903-1962) was an influential practitioner of the “neo-realism” style. His best known works outside Brazil are the “Guerra e Paz” or “War and Peace” panels at the United Nations in New York. The museum said this was the first robbery in its 60-year history, but art thieves also hit Brazil last year, when a gang of five men used a carnival street parade to cover the theft of four paintings by Dali, Picasso, Monet and Cezanne from a Rio de Janeiro art museum. Those works, valued at around $40 million have never been recovered. With the museum closed Thursday as police searched for clues, a handful of visitors were frustrated and perplexed. “Who could imagine that someone could enter a museum and walk out with two paintings? It’s inconceivable,” said Deborah Regina Fernandes, a 37-year-old housewife who came with family and friends.

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Don’t give up…..

One  day I decided to quit…

I quit my job, my relationship, my  spirituality… I wanted to quit my life.

I went to the woods  to have one last talk with God.

‘God’,  I asked, ‘Can you give me one good reason not to quit?’

His  answer surprised me…

‘Look around’, He said. ‘Do you see the  fern and the bamboo?’

‘Yes’,  I replied.

‘When  I planted the fern and the bamboo seeds, I took very good care of  them.

I gave  them light.

I gave  them water.

The  fern quickly grew from the earth.

Its  brilliant green covered the floor.

Yet  nothing came from the bamboo seed. But I did not quit on the  bamboo.

In the  second year the Fern grew more vibrant and plentiful.

And  again, nothing came from the bamboo seed. But I did not quit on
the bamboo. He said.

‘In year three there was still nothing  from the bamboo seed.

But I  would not quit.

In  year four, again, there was nothing from the bamboo seed. I would

not quit.’ He said.

‘Then in the fifth year a tiny sprout  emerged from the earth. Compared

  to the fern it was  seemingly small and insignificant…But just 6

months  later the bamboo rose to over 100 feet tall.

It had spent  the five years growing roots. Those roots made it strong
and gave  it what it needed to survive.

I would not give any of my  creations a challenge it could not handle.’

He asked me. ‘Did  you know, my child, that all this time you have
been struggling,  you have actually been growing roots’.

‘I  would not quit on the bamboo.

I will  never quit on you.’

‘Don’t  compare yourself to others.’

He  said.

‘The  bamboo had a different Purpose than the fern.

Yet  they both make the forest beautiful.’

‘Your  time will come’, God said to me.

‘You  will rise high’

‘How  high should I rise?’

I  asked.

‘How  high will the bamboo rise?’ He asked in return.

‘As high as it  can?’ I questioned.

‘Yes.’ He said, ‘Give me glory by rising  as high as you can.’

I left the forest and brought back this story.

I hope  these words can help you see that God will never give up on you.

Never, Never, Never Give up.

For the Christian Prayer is  not an option but an opportunity.

Don’t tell the Lord how big  the problem is,

tell the problem how Great the Lord  is!

Heavens door  open this morning, God asked me…

‘My CHILD,  what can I do for you?’

And I said, ‘FATHER, please protect and bless  the one reading this message.’

God smiled  and answered, ‘Request granted.’

This  message is now in your hands.

What will YOU do with it?

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