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It’s July…

Last Saturday, I went to KL to¬†send my sister to register for her A-level studies the next morning. We were supposedly go there on early Sunday morning, but my dad changed his mind at the very last minute which was really good coz we can go shopping… ūüėČ

We started our journey at noon coz my dad had to attend¬†UMW-DKLS oil and gas platform¬†ground-breaking ceremony in Kg Acheh¬†that morning. One Utama shopping centre was our first stop upon reaching KL.¬† (Few months ago, we wanted to go there but missed a turning thanks to Malaysia’s signboard.) Once bitten forever shy.

One Utama outer view

One Utama inner view

That was our first visit there. Tired of shopping…we checked into our hotel, Concorde Hotel¬†in Shah Alam.

Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam     


Next morning, we checked out from the hotel and head to my sis’s hostel. She was placed on the 3rd floor of the hostel together with 3 friends from Sabah and Sarawak. As you all know where on earth there is elevator in a hostel so I had to carry all her stuffs up the stairs… ūüôā You will see below¬†how big¬†my muscles had¬†grown because of that…haha…:P


Another movie for me…hehe…it’s ‘Hancock’ according to Hwa Wei it’s ‘ayam betina and ayam jantan’…haha…I went to watch on its premiering on Thursday with my friends. Nicholas fetched me there as¬†I had fired my sis from becoming my driver…haha…I wish I got my car licence by now and can drive around CityA1…but too bad I have to wait till my SPM trial is over…:(…After movie, we went to ‘Chicken Rice Shop’ and ‘777’ to ‘Yum Cha’. Guess why we went to 2 places…it’s because at first we only planned to have drinks, but later they wanted to have dinner as well, so we went to ‘777’ lor…Must try the ‘cucur udang’ sold there,it’s super nice…:)

Hancock before he got his uniform

I think I can do the same as well…haha…:P


Hancock in his uniform

Hancock to be…hehe…so do you think I can lift the car too???

Haiz, time really flies…two months before SPM trial and four months before¬†the ‘handsome and pretty’ teenagers born in year 1991¬†sitting for¬†SPM¬†exam. I think this will be my¬†last post before SPM…so sad…But do stay tune for more after my SPM coz I will¬†treat myself with loads and loads of FUN!!!!!!


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