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Normally we had separate camps for IMYFers and MYFers, but this year is kinda different…Wwoooooott, we have YOUTH CAMP!!! >.<

Let me kick-off with the preparations which had brought great success for God in this Camp. Many souls were saved, transformed, renewed, refreshed…..To God be the glory!

Now we’re talking about 150 over youths, unlike previous year whereby only 70 or 80. So, we really needs alot of hard work and heart work to put everything in order. Anyway, with all the prayers that had been prayed and wisdom and provisions shown by God, we managed to make this Camp a fun-filled one. I have friends telling me that how nice if the Camp  never ends. But, if we’re just confine to a camp and don’t go out to see the world, can we do greater works for God? Of coz we can’t. There are millions of people out there who do not know God although God loves them so much. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” That’s how our theme for this Camp came about, “Purposed For God”.


Like what I had posted in my previous post, this camp was held at Port Dickson Methodist Centre. I love this place alot, the food is nice, the aunties and uncles are kind-hearted too, it’s compound is huge which is good for games, it is located by the beach which we can make everyone WET during the games…Hahaha 😛  Another plus point is that on the night before we came back, I could see stars twinkling so brightly in the clear sky. It has been quite some time since I last saw such an amazing night sky. According to Natalie, the view from the beach was like the scene in Meteor Garden by F4 because at that moment Alvin, Timothy, Derrick and Sien Son were there too trying to be as cool as F4…hahaha… Anyway, I missed the chance to see such a wonderful creation of God. Soooo sad 😦 


The field


See the dog? I have loads of stories to tell regarding the ‘chemistry’ between Sitiawan youths and the dogs.


The place where we filled-up our noisy stomach 🙂

A camp isn’t a camp without a speaker. So, this year we’re so privileged to have Pastor Andy Yeoh from the ACTS church as our camp speaker. He came with his wife, JLo (not Jennifer Lopez) and Phillip the Gan. Pastor Andy is also the lead singer for “Altered Frequency”, a local Christian band which had been on air before (FlyFM). Btw, I’m a loyal FlyFM listener.

I was asked to ‘crack’ my head to think of any games that can be played in this Camp. My reaction was like ‘huh,not again?! I was part of the team last year which stayed up till wee hours to plan the games,very tiring leh!” No lar, I’m just kidding, actually it’s fun to come out with weird but enjoyable games because we know that we’re not gonna play whatever we had planned…Hahaha  😛  Thank God I have friends like Natalie, Pearly, Ruth, Chuan Sheng, Clinton, Justin and Chia Cheng to plan the games together. If not, I think my head would be ‘gone’ even before the Camp…Hahaha…Ai seh, I don’t have a picture of us, if got I’ll definitely brag about how awesome u guys were and are. 🙂 I’ll blog more about games and, the ever handsome and pretty young people in charged of the games, which is US!!! in my next post…hehehe

Now is the grouping part. We have such a big group, so we decided to divide the youths into 12 tribes, it’s like 12 or 13 to a tribe. Uncle Andrew, Megan and I were so happily writting the 150 over names on the whiteboard. In the process, I found out that there were seven Michelle signed up for this Camp. So, lesson learnt – don’t name your daughter Michelle when u’re a parent in future…HahaHa :p (Btw United States is going to have a Michelle as her First Lady pretty soon.) All of us who were involved in organizing this Camp were like trying our best to balance the strength among the tribes and Kristie and I were like kept erase and write the names from one place to the other…Hahaha

That’s the fun of serving God, no matter how do we serve God, as long as u’re bringing pleasure to Him and make Him smile. 🙂

Before I write off for this post, here is a roughly made video of the fun and joy we had in this Camp. But, don’t worry, I’ll make another one when I get all the pictures. Hey, do u guys want the tribal dance and MTV videos to be posted here? I’m more than happy to post them but I need feedback from u guys first 🙂

To be continue…..


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 More than 150 youths in this hall and of coz plus the ever young in hearts’ counsellors 🙂

Just to update u guys where I had been for the past 5 days…I was having alot of fun in Port Dickson Methodist Centre…like “torturing” ppl during the games and treasure hunt, Oopss, to be more accurate it should be human hunt…Hahaha…More updates, pictures and hopefully videos are coming up so please stay tune…Let’s see how energetic and purposeful for God the youths are. 🙂

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