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click here (Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham’s blog) to find out more

Some comments 

Malaysia’s opposition Thursday refused a royal command to give up control of a northern state where the government says it has seized power, setting the stage for a political crisis.

The Perak state government building has been surrounded by a large police contingent including riot squad, while thousands of opposition supporters held a protest at the chief minister’s residence, eyewitnesses said.

Perak’s royal ruler, Sultan Azlan Shah, earlier Thursday refused the opposition’s request to dissolve the state assembly, after its narrow majority was snatched away with the defection of four lawmakers.

After meeting with deputy premier Najib Razak who said the Barisan Nasional coalition now had the numbers to control the assembly, the sultan asked chief minister Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin and his executive council to resign.

If they did not, the posts “are considered vacant,” the official news agency Bernama reported.

But Mohammad Nizar said the Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance would not leave office, and that he expected police to try to arrest him and remove him from his official residence in the state capital Ipoh.

“I explained to his majesty that following a guidebook that the Perak sultan had written on the monarchy, the sultan should follow my advice as leader of the house to dissolve the assembly,” he told a press conference.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim appealed for calm, ahead of the protest at the chief minister’s residence where more than 3,000 people had gathered with many more arriving.

“I hope that this situation will not dissolve into violence and that the whole democratic process should be allowed to take its course,” Anwar said.

The crowd chanted “Reform” and “Justice” as they stood in the residence compound which was guarded by security staff in red berets and red t-shirts from the Islamic party PAS, a member of the opposition alliance.

Param Cumaraswamy, a prominent lawyer and former UN special rapporteur, said it would now be extremely difficult for either of the two sides to rule effectively in Perak, and urged the sultan to call fresh elections.

“A constitutional crisis is brewing,” he told AFP.

The opposition won Perak in general elections last March, with 32 seats in the 59-seat assembly against 27 for the Barisan Nasional coalition which rules nationally.

Najib has said that one of the defectors has joined Barisan while the others will be independent but support the government.

Perak is among five states captured by the Pakatan Rakyat in last year’s general elections, along with a third of seats in the national parliament, in its best ever electoral performance.

A victory in Perak would be a major coup for Najib, who is to replace premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi next March, and would boost his credentials within the government which has been in crisis since the 2008 polls.

But analysts have warned it could be an empty victory for Barisan Nasional because voters could see the move as undemocratic and more of the old-style dirty politics that were rejected at the ballot box last year.

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I, hereby, as a citizen of Perak Darul Ridzuan, urge all Perakians to show your support to Perak’s Pakatan Rakyat by attending the gathering which is going to be held tonight at Perak Stadium at 7.30pm. Show the Barisan Nasional’s idiots and morons that we had enough of frogs jumping around and be a man with balls to face by-election and let them lose kao-kao (quote from a friend)

“Mohd Nizar tells the press conference that he would not resign from his post as the menteri besar. He urged the people to back his Pakatan government.” – malaysiakini

YB Menteri Besar, you’re the man. This is the first Menteri Besar I met face-to -face even before he was sworn-in as the Menteri Besar. I saw him at the nomination center in Sri Manjung last general election last March. For your infomation, he is the Pasir Panjang ADUN, which is under Lumut constituent. You might wonder how come I was there. That was because I followed my dad, who had to propose Ngeh Koo Ham as the candidate for Sitiawan’s DUN. I used to like politics and talks politics thingy with friends, listen to the ‘sermons’ by my all time favourite Sejarah teacher and so on. Recently, Rajivanna told me that his Malaysian Studies’ lecturer is far more pro in giving sermons. Yeah Raji is one of my ‘politics and bola’ kakis.

But to be honest after watching the movie ‘what a girl wants’ in youtube not long ago, somehow I lost interest in politics slightly. No matter what, we know that Perak will only prosper and develop under the Pakatan Rakyat. Barisan Nasional will only bring disaster into this state. Be steadfast and know that God is always with the Pakatan Pakyat’s leaders.

PS: Barisan Nasional, please respect the mandate given by us as Perakians to the Pakatan Rakyat, or else we have to say bye-bye to you and bury you in the next general election.

May God Almighty bless Pakatan Rakyat and Perak.

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Prefects’ Nite 2008

I know it’s abit late (exactly 2 months) to post about it but i had to post coz there was so much fun…

This is where we had our Nite after so many many years at Crystal Hotel. The place is nice but of coz not comparable to Orient Star…

Here are some photos on the Nite

Jef, Teck Hing, Firdaus (he became famous ever since the news of him landed in hospital broke out), Me and Muiz (he studied in Turkey and Australia before)

Almost all of the Form 5’s prefects

Me, Delia and Sien Son

Presenting the dashing emcees, Aryati and Prashan 🙂

Board members were given the privilege to sit at VIP table.

Auditor, Hwa Wei didn’t had enough of fried sotong and went to grab somemore at the buffet table. 🙂 That’s the advantage of sitting together with him…haha

Woah, Yaw Bia and Sien Son are going to wallop the yummy mountain-high food…p/s:Kios doesn’t eat as much as them. 🙂

See the thumbs up and the satisfying faces? Honestly, the food is really nice

Head Prefect 08/09, Winnie Har is giving her speech 🙂  *clap clap*

Prefects’ Board 07/08…I missed my accounts reading every board and general meeting…I missed the fun of counting money too

The three ‘stripes’ Musketeers

Me, Michelle, Winnie the Head Prefect

Jef Wayne (like ang moh’s name)..I still remember that he was the one who sat beside me in the class for 3 years in a row (Form1-3)

My co-editor, Michelle Wong

Hwa Wei was shorter than me when we were Form 2..now,see the difference. Kinda sad 😦

Prashan.He taught a Tamil song, I think the title is “It’s the time to disco”, some time ago which turned out to be the song Form 6’s prefects used for their performance on the Nite..Amazingly I still remember how to sing..haha..He also created ‘history’ by being the first person to take SPM trials on a wheelchair..See his hand? He is trying to show the whole world that he is slightly taller than me..haiz another sad case of me

Me, Afiq and Sien Son

Cars’ models

 5 people sat at the back sit of WDA8008

On the way back, went to ‘you know where’ lah…if you don’t know where, see what’s going to go inside Sien Son’s mouth below.

Haha…caught Sien Son

Everything was fun and recorded the performances during the Nite…The performances were really funny…I like had watch them countless of time especially the Form 3’s “Prefects Got Talent”…super funny man…Who say Prefects only can do one duty after another…all these had proven you wrong…This would probably be my last Prefects’ Nite…I wish my juniors all the best in the coming Nites!!!

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Some nice songs

I had came across these songs through the Malaysians’ radio stations (Hitz.FM and FlyFM) and find that they are really cool songs. 🙂 I purposely choose videos with lyrics so that you can dwell in it.

David Archuleta’s (American Idol runners up) song titled Crush.


Secondhand Serenade’s song titled Fall For You (Please take note of the last line of the chorus)


Burning Up by The Jonas Brother (I saw their interview in The Star newspaper the other and they really caught my attention)


I’m Yours by Jason Mraz


Leave Out All The Rest from The Linkin Park

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Gerakan Wanita today (Sept 9) issued a strong call for Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail to be sacked from his party for his spate of racist rants. However, Ahmad Ismail was only given 3 years suspension. How if he continues going around proclaiming that Malaysian Chinese are squarters in Malaysia? If RPK,an important witness in Altantuya’s case, can be detained under ISA, I can’t see why Ahmad Ismail can’t be detained…Is it because he is proGovernment? Dear PM, please do things that make sense before 916.

This Ahmad Ismail’s video is created by Hamtiang who is studying in Multimedia and IT at Cheng Kong University in Taiwan.

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Raja Petra ‘arrested under ISA’
Sep 12, 08 1:27pm
Controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been detained under the Internal Security Act, said his wife Marina Lee Abdullah.

According to Marina, 10 police personnel came to their home in Sungai Buloh at about 1.10pm to arrest him.
When Malaysiakini contacted her at 1.25pm, the police personnel were still there.
On Sept 6, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had warned the 58-year-old editor of popular news portal Malaysia Today could be charged under the ISA for comments allegedly insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad.
Several religious groups – Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim), Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim), Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (Maiwp) and Federal Territory Religious Department (Jawi) – had lodged police reports against him.
The groups complained his comment in an article entitled “I Promise to be a good, non-hypocritical Muslim” allegedly used sentences that insulted Muslims.

Second time under ISA
Raja Petra, popularly known by his initials RPK, is also alleged to have allowed comments to appear on his website that degraded Islam and Prophet Muhammad in an article entitled “Not all Arabs are descendants of the Prophet”.
This is the second time Raja Petra, a father of five and part of the Selangor royal family, has been detained under ISA, which allows for indefinite detention without trial.
His first arrest under the tough security law was on April 11, 2001. RPK was detained as part of a crackdown against reformasi activists in which nine others were also held.
At that time he was webmaster for the now defunct FreeAnwar.com site.
Raja Petra was subsequently released after 52 days in detention. However, six of the reformasi leaders were eventually sent to the Kamunting Detention Centre in Taiping where they were detained for two years.

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