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Location: California, USA
They call the bit behind the back seat in a car the parcel rack – but you wouldn’t really put a parcel up there would you. A head on crash would turn the object into a missile which could take your head off – but what about a tissue box? Surely that couldn’t be a killer?



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Location: Berkeley, USA

Anthony Levandowski and his team of engineers at Berkeley University have developed the ultimate in boys-toys, an autonomous motorbike to compete in this years DARPA Grande Challenge. The challenge is to have an autonomous robot complete the 200-mile Mojave desert course in under 10 hours with no external help. The teams machine has no rider and no remote control, just two wheels, a motor and a sophisticated computer system for a brain, oh and the incentive – a $2 million prize.

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It’s no secret, but the beautiful city of Venice is slowly sinking beneath the waves. A combination of factors has led to the city’s demise – and now the first efforts to save it are underway. Massive gates are being built at the entrance to its harbour in an attempt to keep the tide at bay.

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Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Ever wandered through a beautiful forest and just wanted to hang around for a while and savour the peace and quiet? Well now you can. Literally! The modern day relocatable tree house has arrived! The Free Spirit Sphere suspends 30 metres in the air and offers all the mod cons of a regular house! The 227 kg sphere is a blend of sailboat and tree house technology made of timber or fibreglass – depending on your budget.

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