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Chinese EYE TEST, i couldnt stop laughing when i did this…hahaha



If you cannot decipher anything, then try pulling the corner of your eyes as if you were Chinese. (Sipitkan mata anda)
It works 🙂


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CLICK HERE and vote for Ling Cyn Sheng…hahaha…thanks for your votes 😀

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It’s a must watch video!!!!

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click here to know why

I know it’s kinda weird to ‘break fast’ on my blog by posting this. I know that I had left my blog iddling for quite a long time and many friends kept on bugging me to update. I’ll try to update more often since I had just got my own laptop. Hehehe.

My prayer for u guys is May God’s protection be with u guys everywhere u guys go!!!

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26th Jan, Monday (first day of  CNY)

Woke up at noon coz I was online chatting with friends till 2am. I would like to write something about a particular person I chatted with. This person didn’t come back to Sitiawan to celebrate CNY but was in KL. This person was having a war with mosquitoes while chatting. hahaha 😛 Can anyone guess who is that warrior which fight off the city’s mosquitoes? 😛

Around 4pm, Rajivanna, Sailesh and Karam Singh came to my house. They came by bicycle and motorcycle. (they were my bicycle kakis when we were scouts, I’ll write more on that in my other post) Raji told lots of stories about his college life in Taylors. Karam too had some stories to share, he was down with food poisoning in Teluk Rubiah NS camp, which made headlines in the locals dailies. 😛

Went to ACS OPA CNY gathering at night. That ends my first day of CNY.

27th Jan, Tuesday (second day of CNY)

Woke up at noon again. Went to Hock Qiang Association CNY gathering. Planned to go ‘bai nian’ with Timothy and gang but there were ‘kucing and anjing’ around Sitiawan. What’s the meaning? It’s was raining cats and dogs. So we had to postponed our plan. What a boring day…

28th Jan, Wednesday (third day of CNY)

Woke up slightly earlier than previous days. 🙂 It’s becoz me and my friends had planned to go ‘bai nian’ in the afternoon. Tai Wen and Hwa Wei came in motor first, then Aaron, then Michelle and Vivian, then Lord Prashan The Great (LPTG). LPTG also stands for something else, only few of us know about it. hahaha 😛 We waited for some time and here comes my friendsssss in 2 cars. They’re Chieng, Pith Hang, Chuen Jien & Swee Chen (4 of them were so lucky to be chosen for NS), Keng Loon, Chin Siang, Hoe Sieng, Duing Yew, Pei Fan, Yong En. Then, went to Mr Ong’s new house, Fang Meei’s house, Choy Hoon’s house, Clara’s house, Mdm Cheang’s house. In the process of so- called ang pows’ hunting, we were joined by Sher Lee and Choy Hoon. hahaha 😛 Actually CNY is not all about ang pows right, it’s about the fun of meeting up with friends. Btw, I have not seen Choy Hoon and Clara like for years, I guess, and am happy to see them once again.  

At night planned to watch Bedtime Stories, but tak jadi. So, changed plan, I went Yam Cha with Pith Hang, Kai Xian, Keng Loon, Chuen Jien, Sher Lee, Swee Chen, Michelle, Hoe Sieng, Aaron, Junyan (Secret Recipe’s boss’ son) at MissU Cafe. Then went to McD to meet up with Aryati. I was surprised (actually not so) when I saw someone else (Zulfaez) was in the her car too. hahaha ;P Then went to Teluk Batik around 11 something. Saw people playing firecrackers. I didn’t got the chance to touch any firecrackers this CNY. Maybe I think that i’m too old to play. hahaha 😀 Home sweet home at 12 something. On the way back, I saw a Kancil with 5 fellas at the backseat. Fulamak!

29th Jan, Thursday (fourth day of CNY)

Was to go to Pantai Remis for DAP CNY gathering but I chose not to go. Went out for lunch at Ayamas with LPTG, Teck Hing, Pith Hang, Tai Wen, Kai Xian, See Chew. I got to know that Teck Hing is going to KDU to do A-levels for 40k. Hmmm, it’s a big sum of money though.

Then I went to Timothy’s house to pick him and Justin. Went to Sien Son’s house to pick him. Went to Megan’s house, Clinton’s house and picked him up. Head to Mr. Ong’s new house again. Stories started. Timothy asked whether does he know that his tuition students cheated him of his tuition fees. He said he knew but nevermind he forgives them. He said something really make sense in a funny way “next time when his students asked why their baby lahir tanpa punggung (Mr. Ong all time favourite quote), then they’ll realise that it’s because they had cheated Mr.Ong.” Bear in mind, when we did something wrong, we have to face the consequences. We were trying to give suggestion to him on how to overcome the problem. He said it’s a waste of time if he should collect the fees one after another, like what I had in my Physic’s tuition. Super wasting time man. Then went to Wen Wei’s house and toured around his house. Wen Wei tagged along. (So how many souls are there in my Kancil now? Do some Maths here. There are 6 altogether. 1 lesser than the Kancil I had earlier mentioned.)  Later, went to Xiao Juan’s house to disturb her from doing her homework and had some “chor dai dee”. hahaha 😛 Don’t know what is it? Then u must see the Red colour shirt which I wore to the Youth CNY gathering. Then went over to Delia’s house. Then to Ruth’s house. We chatted and the guys spilled some beans and I managed to ‘korek’ some of their secrets. hahaha 😛 Ruth’s house was the last house. So, as a dedicated and responsible chaffeur, I had to drive the guys back. Stayed at home for the night.

30th Jan, Friday (fifth day of CNY)

Was to go to Ipoh but chose to stay at home. Chieng, You Luen, Tai Wen, Nicholas came to find me but I was still in my dreamland. I returned call to Chieng as he had called me while I was still sleeping. They went to Old Town White Coffee (new addition to the Manjung’s many many franchise outlets). They asked me to meet them at Giant but I couldn’t find them, so I went to KFC to have my lunch. While I was having my lunch, they came in and chatted for awhile. They came at the right time as I can’t finish my cup of Pepsi so they had some sip of it. hahaha 😀

Then I went to pick up Timothy, Vivian and Kristie to buy some food and drinks for the Youth CNY gathering. We went to Econsave. After all the shopping are done, sent Vivian and Kristie back home. Then went to pick up Clinton then went to Megan’s house to pick up Justin. Then went to Chuan Sheng’s house, Aunty Pauline’s house where we ‘kill two birds with one stone’ because Aunty Audrey was there too. hahaha 😛 Then went to pump petrol at the Shell petrol station in Giant. I found out that the nozzle is very user-friendly and there is no petrol odour too. Then went to Hwa Wei’s house. We had some planning on the activities can be done in Youth there, We planned to have one day trip to anywhere and they are also very ambitious on wanting to do a Youth Musical this year. They said if I were to stay back for Form6, they will give their all for the musical. Woah, they have a lot of confidence in me huh. Yeah, I think we should have Youth Musical after it has been absence for a couple of years.

Then we went for steamboat in simpang dua/simpang tiga. I don’t know how to differentiate them. It was a pleasure and luxury to have hot food on a rainy night. On the night, we stuffed ourselve with loads and loads of fish balls and meat balls. To be honest I ate really really full. I didn’t have to pay a single sen for all these because they wanna belanja me for being their chaffeur for the past two days. Thanks very much Timothy, Clinton and Justin. 😀

31st Jan,Saturday (sixth day of CNY)

Woke up kinda late. Highlight was the Youth CNY gathering. To find out more on this event, please kindly click on Daryl’s blog. People who had sacrificed their time and energy to make this event a success are Megan, Kristie, Vivian, Timothy (preparing the food and drinks & washing the cups and other stuffs), Justin (ice breaker and games), Hwa Wei, Aaron, Tai Wen, Wang Keat, Chuan Sheng (lucky draw), Ivy and Charles (CNY song, Gong Xi Gong Xi), Daryl (photographer) and not forgetting the worship team led by Delia. There were two persons whom humbly helped to clear the multipurpose hall, Tan Chuan Jin and Rebecca Ngo. We really had fun and enjoy the gathering.

1st Feb, Sunday (seventh day of CNY)

Went to church for Sunday Service. Then my family and I sent my sister back to Shah Alam. This was the second time I drove to KL. The first time I was driving Unser, this time I was driving Estima. hehehe 😀 Went to Klang Parade before we headed to Shah Alam. Then came back to this town call Sitiawan.

That’s the seven days of my CNY. Lots of driving, eating, and talking with friends. I think no one is comparable with my driving skill now. hahaha 😛

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The first one is my tribe, Soaring Eagles

Actors & Actresses : Phuah Jou Ning (leader), Lee Wen Wei (assistant leader), Billy Thing, Joash H’ng, Bryan Wong, Kenny Lim, Michelle Su Yean Hua, Ling En Han, Michelle Ngo, Praise Yong, Daryl Yeak, Jennifer Chen and ME!!!

The second one is The Samsons

Actors & Actresses : Poh Tze Phei (leader), Timothy Ong (assistant leader), Daniel Chua, Hoong Zhen Jie, Kwok Shu Hui, Alvin Thomas, Ervin Tan, Michelle Su Hui Zhen, Derrick Oon, Sathitlee, Pearly Sam, Alan Teong, Ling J-Cyn

The third one is Kompiang

Actors & Actresses : Aaron Oon (leader), Delia Yeak (assistant leader), Ling Yong Min, Ling Yuan Ming, Kenny Har, Naomi Sie, Hannah Lee, Rychard Hong, Ngo Pei Ern, Tan Chuan Sheng, Michelle Kong, Andrea Chan, Ryan Chew

Fourth is Egg

Actors & Actresses : Yvonne Har (leader), Ling Hwa Shiong (assistant leader), Daniel Cheng, Christina Kiang, Eugene Ding, Ling J-Lyn, Adrian Su, Eric Chai, Michelle Ding, Yu Chang Jun, Beh Pith Hang, Lee Wen Shi, Chiang Fook Veng

Don’t miss the Egg’s MTV…in my opinion, it’s the best of the best  MTV among the 12 tribes…their message is very clear and I like it 😀

Fifth is Saprekkk

Actors & Actresses : Sophia Mary (leader), Samuel Phuah (assistant leader), Sam Shien Jin, Daniel Khoo, Dilys Yeak, William Yong, Jonathan Wong, Melissa Teh, Vivian Cheong, Ting Zhong Yee, Abigail Lee, Chieng Tze Yuen, Lee Wen Jing

5 MTVs for the moment…more coming up soon…I have nothing much to say about the MTVs but i think everyone did enjoy being part of the MTVs…sit back and enjoy the special & unique & original MTVs by the youths of Sitiawan Wesley Methodist Church…hey, manager-manager sekalian of popular singers, sacrifice a little of ur quality time to watch these MTVs, mana tahu u can get the person u want here…hehehe 😛

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Happy Chinese Niu 牛 Year to everyone!!! It’s the Year of the Ox @ Cow @ Bull. I’m proud and blessed to be born a Malaysian Chinese. God had planned in such an amazing way by bringing my great-grandparents and grandparents from China to this wonderful Promise Land, which is free from natural disaster, decades ago. I really salute them for their endurance to braved the South China Sea to come to a small village not far from Sitiawan called Kampong Cina, where everyone is of ‘Hock Qiang’ clan. I do speak the dialect but it’s something like Americans trying to speak Japanese…hahaha 😉

I think this is the first year I’m celebrating CNY without any worries of schoolwork and exams…hahaha…anyway I’m glad to see my friends who are back from colleges, Jeremiah School, National Service…I noticed some changes especially in pysical-wise…maybe the food elsewhere is not as good as in Sitiawan or they had been fed with 6 meals daily in NS…hahaha 😛  

Do people nowadays still write CNY cards? Nope is my answer. The reason is very simple I had received loads of smses even before the clock struck 12am this morning. But of coz those CNY wishes didn’t come through smses only, they came through MSN, Friendster and Facebook as well. Thanks so much for all the wishes especially the ones comes from friends of different races like Aryati, Khairani, Firdaus, Prashan, Rajivanna, Sailesh, Karam Singh and many many many more…haha…I appreciate them alot man 😀 I guess my secondary education in ACS is indeed a blessing from God, though I’m supposedly to be a Nan Hwa student. Before I end my post, I wanna post a SHOUTOUT ‘I’m proud of ACS and Malaysia Boleh’…does that ring a bell to ACS students who have a copy of ACS’ school magazine, The Loyal Pioneer 2008? 😀

Happy Chinese New Year 2009 once again!!!

Here’s some good info about Ox from Wikipedia:

The Ox is the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. This powerful sign is a born leader, being quite dependable and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things. As one might guess, such people are dependable, calm, and modest. Like their animal namesake, the Ox is unswervingly patient, tireless in their work, and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint.

Ox people need peace and quiet to work through their ideas, and when they have set their mind on something it is hard for them to be convinced otherwise. An Ox person has a very logical mind and is extremely systematic in whatever they do, though they have a tremendous imagination and an unparalleled appreciation for beauty. These people speak little but are extremely intelligent. When necessary, they are articulate and eloquent.

People born under the influence of the Ox are kind, caring souls, logical, positive, filled with common sense and with their feet firmly planted on the ground. Security is their main preoccupation in life, and they are prepared to toil long and hard in order to provide a warm, comfortable and stable nest for themselves and their families. Strong-minded, stubborn, individualistic, the majority are highly intelligent individuals who don’t take kindly to being told what to do.

The Ox works hard, patiently, and methodically, with original intelligence and reflective thought. These people enjoy helping others. Behind this tenacious, laboring, and self-sacrificing exterior lies an active mind.

The Ox is not extravagant, and the thought of living off credit cards or being in debt makes them nervous. The possibility of taking a serious risk could cause the Ox sleepless nights.

Ox people are truthful and sincere, and the idea of wheeling and dealing in a competitive world is distasteful to them. They are rarely driven by the prospect of financial gain. These people are always welcome because of their honesty and patience. They are reputed to be the most beautiful of face in the zodiac. They have many friends, who appreciate the fact that the Ox people are wary of new trends, although every now and then they can be encouraged to try something new. People born in the year of the Ox make wonderful parents and teachers of children.

It is important to remember that the Ox people are sociable and relaxed when they feel secure, but occasionally a dark cloud looms over such people and they engage all the trials of the whole world and seek solutions for them.

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