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27 Nov 2008, 3.15 pm sharp, upon hearing “masa menjawab tamat”, i saw Chieng(my class monitor), lifting his hands can’t wait to celebrate the ending of our last paper, EST paper 1(except those taking Accounts next Monday). We call him Chieng not because he is made of money, but because our class got two fellas with the same name, one is Chieng Tze Yuen and the other is Ding Tze Yien. We have no choice and call them by surname. Sometimes by calling him ‘Chieng’ is weird and funny, i remember someone said this before “Chieng, can i borrow some chieng(money)?” However, we are used to it already. If u don’t know who Chieng is, see the pic below, he is in front of me. Currently he is NOT single, so too bad for girls who wanna his phone number. But the others are single. Any takers? hahaha……


The other exam hall’s students were released earlier. While we were still waiting for the nod to leave the most silent place for the past three weeks once and for all, explosion of firecrackers were heard and i knew that they were already celebrating (although we were given ‘taklimat’ not to do so weeks ago by Mr.K)

Here comes our turn. Though we didn’t have firecrackers, but our “Screams of Freedom” were louder than the explosion. I missed the screams and woo-ing sound I used to hear fom my classmates. FYI my class was labelled as the noisiest class in the school. What an honour! hahaha…..i will post more about my classmates pretty soon.

Oh ya! Today is Benjamin Choo Chun Meng’s birthday. He is famous for being loud. Me and my friends came out with some ideas on ‘measuring’ his loudness. Our ideas : When he whispers, it’s equal to others speaking ; when he speaks, it’s equal to others shouting ; when he shouts, it’s equal to others speaking with PA system. But, all in all he is a nice guy.

The Birthday boy is on the right. Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Home sweet home. I played some games on my PS2, which i had not touched for quite some time. I’m glad that I still have the killing-touched in Fifa-ing and F1-ing. Is there anyone dare to challenge me? hehe….

Then, I received a sms from Khairani asking me to go for dinner at City Kopitiam with her and OTHERS (Aryati, Zulfaez, Timothy, Jef, Prashan, Sailesh, Raji, Karam, Teck Hing). I met up with them around 8. After that, we went to watch ‘Madagascar’. This is the second movie that I had watched in 2 weeks. Last Thursday (just finished my Chemistry papers), I went to watch ‘James Bond:Quatum of Solace’ with my family. 007 is not bad with the many chasing scenes on foot, car, boat and plane. They should have just add in the bicycle-chase lah. hahaha. Madagascar is really exciting, plus it has a lot of moral values. To those who have not watch, please don’t hesitate to watch. It’s worthwhile spending 9 bucks. 🙂 Prashan drove me back home with his red Land Rover after the movie. Thanks macha! Oh ya I also must thank Aryati for sending me to the cinema from kopitiam. Thanks Arya! I hope that we can meet like this as often as possible before we move on and pursue our dreams respectively. Dear all my friends, always remember ‘FRANCE’, which stands for ‘Friendship Remains And Never Can End’.

In the next few weeks, I would be busy with the Youth Camp and carolling practice. Btw, I’m gonna catch some movies which i had downloaded but didn’t have time to watch.

Happy Holidays to me and u!


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